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30 December 2006



Those buttons are amazing!! What a great find!


When I helped clean out my grandmother's house a couple of years ago, she gave me HER mother's old treadle machine. I discovered that a couple of the drawers held button treasure. I remember sitting 'round the kitchen table with my girls -- all of us taking part in the sorting, exclaiming, coveting. I have always loved the white ones -- LOVE that picture!!!


What a treasure -- especially since you had so much fun with it. Awesome!


Great googly moogly...a treasure of buttons!


You lucky, lucky girl. I'm also a compulsive sorter, and I also got to play with my gran's button (can - it was a big coffee can).


I am coveting your buttons... Especially those Mother of Pearl ones...


Hm, probably the rings could be used as stitch markers for knitting. Also could be the rings that join two pieces of elastic for a camisole or bra, on the shoulderstraps?


Are the rings for curtains, perhaps?


Buttons are treasure! Rich, you're rich! What a wonderful find.


The button coup d'etat was thwarted I hope! I have that same box of buttons -- almost anyway, but no one is anal enough at my house to sort them. I LOL reading your comments on our blog -- happy new year.


Wonderful buttons, the green are my favorites. They would be so cute on a felted bag.
Envy you the snow (we only got the rain.
And the two kitties looking like the infinity sign are terrific. It is such an "Awwww" picture.


my, what lovely buttons you have!!


Oooh, I love the green buttons! What great pictures! She probably saved those fabic-covered buttons thinking she'd get around to sewing them back onto (the coat?), but never did. I do the same thing.


I think the rings are meant to be covered with crochet, to be buttons for hand-knits. I too love buttons, inherited my mother's button box and have managed to acquire scads and scads of my own. I need to take a couple of days...weeks? to get them all sorted, though.


Oooh. I refuse to sort my buttons, but watching you sort yours was wonderful. Thanks!


What a great find...and such a surprise, not knowing that all those buttons were there all along.
My mom did, and still does, keep her extra and leftover buttons in an old Q-tip box, the kind that slides open like a matchbox. I love poking around in it and sorting them....and still do!

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