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22 September 2007



I love those scarves! do you alternate skeins as you knit, or simply switch once you run out of yarn?


I'm working on the Noro striped scarf, too. But only 2 skeins for you? I'm almost done with 4 skeins, and it's long! I like the idea of wrapping all those colors around. Blame Brooklyn Tweed.

Cindy Guggemos

Yummy scarves, with sophisticated looking color changes. I, too, am wondering/guessing are you alternating skeins every two rows?


I love the scarves but do you need an intervention or something?


Gorgeous scarves! Welcome back to the workaday world. :)


Yes, I am a Noro junkie too and I would marry that man( 0r company?)and have their child if he,they would have me.....


We all have our additions...at least yours is pretty and functional! Hope your first day back is going well.


It's nice to have things all fall into place like that, isn't it?

Octopus Knits

Those are all gorgeous!


I can see why you're addicted, they're beautiful!


Love your scarves!

Sounds like Matthew has a great plan.

Carrie K

Sounds like a plan! I'm going to be busy the next two weeks because everyone that put it off until now is still putting it off.

Love the Noro scarves.


Any tips for picking colours? Yours look gorgeous... sadly mine looks like sh*t. I kept hoping it would get better, but it hasn't.

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