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17 February 2008



Me - I just do it for fun!!


Yikes. That's a league to which I'll never belong.


This is all just blowing my mind. Now I'm off to time myself.


Whoa. *boggle*

Pam Gillette

Awesome account of this event!


Holy SHIT!!!! Yowsa!!!! Sounds like an EVENT to be sure.

Carrie K

Wow, looks like fun! Not that any titleholder has anything to fear from me.


Thanks for that lovely long description and all the photographs - almost as good as being there but without having to listen to that dreadful 'music'.


Wow. Thanks!!!

Miss T



Thanks for sharing that! How cool! I knit faster on straights too, and prop the left needle. Can't do that while purling though, so any speed I gain knitting is lost.

Octopus Knits

Wow! Great photos - thanks for sharing!


While there may have been only hundreds in the rotunda at any given time, the event does attract over 50,000 people. The mall is so big and the folks are spread out at three rotundas and along the halls in line for give-a-ways. I'm sure they will come out with a tally later. I'm pretty sure it's based on the number of give-a-ways taken.


Thanks for the great report -- I'm a friend of Wannietta's and I wondered how she did on the big day -- it's hard to beat those Shetland knitters -- they knit so fast !!!!


That last sentence sums it all up for me.


Boy, would I love to see that in person! I'll be goshdarned. Thanks so much for the lively report!!


Thanks for sharing. That was a great recap. The video of Hazel knitting is astonishing!


260+ in three minutes!?! I'm lucky if I accomplish 1/10th of that. Thanks for the photos.


What an awesome recounting & I love the pictures with the blurry hands!!
Hazel was amazing and totally rocked it out.

dale-harriet in WI

I knit slow...relishing it, savoring the sensations, enjoying the yarn sliding through my fingers (besides which, no WAY am I a good enough knitter to even TRY for *speed*!) But I also know me...if I sat down in a row with other knitters and a big timer...I would start to LAUGH, and when everyone else took off I'd fall right off my chair laughing. But THANKS for the report, I love it!


My mind is blown (perhaps permanently) by Hazel. But thanks for sharing. Now I've got to go reconcile myself to the fact that I will never, no never, come anywhere close to that league. A darkened room, a damp cloth over my eyes, maybe chocolate will help.

Marti Knits in San Fran

Great report- Thanks so much for sharing. I'm working on sweet talking my guy into going out there next year for this event. California Boy is a bit snow shy however. LOL.


If I could speed knit through my stash in a day and a half, I'd have to buy more and then I couldn't afford to knit anymore.


Hi, Great to read an eye witness account of the Knit Out 2008. Glad to see that you have my video on your blog. Please can you give me a mention, I run ukhandknitting.com on behalf of The UK Hand Knitting Association who sponsored Hazel Tindall, the is now International Speed Knitting Champion. Please visit: http://www.bhkc.co.uk/data/index4.shtml


Thanks for the report! It sounds like a blast. I wonder what the muggles thought of the speed knitting competition?

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