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30 April 2008



Thanks for the link! I read some of Shirky's stuff back in my Master's days...


But...but...is he saying that my watching Desperate Housewives is wrong? 'Cause I mostly watch tv when I'm already tired from doing. Do do do, all day. Can't I not do at night?

Seriously, I mostly agreed with him. But I don't quite buy into "all tv is bad and a waste of time" theory. There may be precious little of it, but there is some worthwhile programming, thought-provoking, unsettling.


This looks so interesting, I shall return when I have more time to read it thoroughly.

Just wanted to thank you for your comment about spotting "The Devils of Loudun". It was one of the books that didn't catch my eye, now I am fascinated by it.


Loved it! Lately we keep the TV locked in the closet. And man, I get so much more done...


I agree when the only TV option is the same Gilligan's Island rerun, but now we have Discovery Channel, and even the Dora show his friend was allowing his child to watch (does he think playing the Dora games on the Internet is better than watching the Dora show, which is somewhat interactive?). I don't watch Desperate Housewives or any reality shows full stop, but I do see the desire for at least some entertainment we don't have to work to receive (working at WOW or entering data on Wikipedia). BTW I also get lots done - in front of the TV! I can't knit while surfing the Web, that's for sure.

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