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25 May 2008



Meanwhile, there is a whole Facebook group for people with my name! Be glad...


You are indeed unique!

There are lots of people with my IRL name. No other Cathy-Cates, though, I'd venture to say.

I had a similarly peaceful evening Saturday when I sent everyone away; acquaintances had invited us over, and they're nice, but there were going to be a number of people I don't know, and I'm still not feeling the best since all week. Especially when I eat. So I told the family to go without me and I stayed home and puttered around here and there and read and knit. Plus the older girl-child is grounded from the phone over the weekend for infractions, and had at this point told her friends so, so the phone was blessedly quiet too. Ah, paradise!


Yikes indeed about all the tornado news. Surprisingly 16 people have my name in the US. I was born in 1961, and my first name was #1 name that year, so maybe. But the last name is one of those French St. names. I knew there was some Canadian politician with my name that came into googledom in the late 90's. Until that time if I googled my name, the first page was mostly about me, including notes about spruce beer I posted to some listserve in the 80's, before 'internet'! I LOVE cherry tree hill sock yarn... have fun with it.

Sheepish Annie

Good to know that you were not in the path of destruction. And that you have all that wonderful "alone" time with your yarn!


Amazing how that storm did so much damage, while 35 miles away we had sunshine and blue sky.

And my poor brother--while he's in the hospital, his house (St. Michael) suffered hail damage on the siding for the third time in as many years.


Good to know you're all OK. My Kathryn is in Wisconin for the weekend (New Lisbon) The family did call to tell us they were all OK; it never occured to me to check because I didn't know about the storms ujntil this morning!


Sounds like you are having a fabulous weekend!


Yikes - I had no idea about Hugo. I think that was when it got sort of creepy looking out here and I was wondering where my flashlight was, just in case...

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I don't exist, either. Not under my maiden name or my married name. Neither do my husband, kids, parents, or siblings. We are the ghost family!

I envy you your solitude. My very social husband has invited everyone we know over at some point this weekend, and we are expecting somewhere between 5 and 50 people for a cookout today (he's not sure). Oh, and it's raining. I am about as anti-social as it gets, so none of this is good news to me. Can I come knit and eat chocolate with you instead?


Scary to have kids out there, isn't it?

Yarn sounds great . . .


Glad the storms missed you. I grew up near Hugo, so that caught my attention on the news right away.

If I use my full name there are two of me, but if I use what I always go by, there's only one. Maybe the other gal is Cindi, or Cindee or maybe she just doesn't shorten it.

Carrie K

There are more of me. Maybe I'm the last Cylon?

Still need input on the project? Meaning: inquiring minds want to know what the project & questions are.

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