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21 June 2008



There's a children's book called "Goodbye Geese" that has that line. Those socks are great! What size needle are you using?


You say that like winter is a bad thing.


Great socks! I just love combining yarns that way.

And now I'm going to have the lumberjack song stuck in my head all day.


Just stop already with the winter thing. :p

No, the world need more ducklings and fewer goslings...


Do not utter that phrase "winter is coming". I refuse to believe you. I like the way the socks are turning out.


"A Game of Thrones" by George R. R. Martin (and the rest of the series). It's the motto of House Stark. :)

Sheepish Annie

It sounds to me like you are channeling EZ. She writes about that in The Knitters Almanac. Then again, I am a little obsessed with trying to understand The Way Of The Zimmerman these days...


Great socks! Yes, winter will come again, but I'm living in the moment.


It must be a year of Aviary peace, as we have both blue birds and tree swallows nesting just 50 feet apart in our yard this year.

Now, never speak of winter again!


Love the look of the socks - the combination is fab!

Can't name the book, but now that it's been 80 for a couple of days, I'm ready for winter ;-)


Nice socks!


Aren't you clever! Those colors are lovely together. Barbara Pym and Dennis Lehane: aren't you eclectic!

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