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19 June 2008



I hope you're back on your feet soon. Don't rush it. Wonderful yarn!


Sorry to hear you having such a bad time. I look forward to ever improving news.


"As God Is My Witness..." Whoops, wrong Scarlett quote.

Knit, drink tea, heal, with occasional bathroom breaks.

Ambulation to any degree is overrated and can wait. Hope you feel lots better soon.

Big Alice

Damn. Sending you good healing vibes. Make sure those cats put the IV in right.


I hope you're feeling better really soon!


Oh no!!! I hope it's done and out of you any moment. So this might amuse you... February 1995... I spent the night much like you've been, but had the bizzarest dreams about not being able to have a procedure done because I was pregnant and getting a gift of a dali-esque painting of chromosomes dripping off a plate titled 'trisomy 21'. The next morning I told DH (then DB) that we were going to the drugstore, for immodium and a pregnancy test kit. Did the test first, and sure 'nuff, pregnant...so I skipped the drugs. I called friends we'd been out with and asked B if he'd had an unusual night. Why no says he. Funny says I, I was on the toilet all night. To which he says, oh yeah, I was too... like how could somebody forget that??? GREAT that you have a wireless laptop! Wooo!


Feel better!
I remember my only real bout with food poisoning.
It was EVIL!
may you feel restored by morning!


Sounds like you got hit hard. The one time I had serious food poisoning I thought I was going to die, and then I thought that might not be so bad.

Hope you are feeling better.


Sending you healing thoughts!


Food poisoning is terrible the way it hangs on. At least you are being well cared for by the staff.

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