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03 August 2008



I kinda like the the new look. Sort of intense and grrrrrrrr! Know what I mean?

BTW, thanks for the advice on the Feb. Lady swatch. I had given it soak and a pin out of the garter section before I measured. Not much fluff up unfortunately. Oh well, I'll just knit a size larger and it will all work out! ;)


Love the buttons. I have a couple of the same, but I think I need to add that Ravelry one too.

And nice new look - whether you keep it or not. I agree that those things are always fun to play around with.

Have fun with your get together - we'll look forward to the pics.


I hope you two had fun!

Sheepish Annie

I used to wear lots and lots of buttons, too! Then I got a limited edition Harley Davidson Anniversary jacket and I just couldn't bear to stab it with all those pins! It was a bit on the pricey side...

Maybe I need a new one just for buttons? Hmmmm...

Miss T

Great buttons. But wait, what's that lace?


And didn't we have fun?
The Chicagoans seemed to have a good time too. And much knitting progress was made!

BTW, I made it to the yarn shop in Osceola Monday am -- have you been there lately? The owner apparently is going to expand to the upstairs space September 1, and carry even more Wisconsin yarn. Local yarn is one of my weaknesses, so I came home with some really nice stuff, in addition to my lovely llama that some wonderful knitblogger gave me (which makes me sing the Llama song, insofar as I can remember the words, every time I pet it). She also seems to be into socially responsible yarn. Thus I bought some nettle yarn from Nepal for making a market bag for my friend for the holidays. Oh, I had fun (while my husband checked out the do-rags).

I'm typing this on my new MacBook, the which I have not tried out writing a blog post, downloading photos, etc., plus my husband hasn't installed the wireless router yet (I'm at a coffeeshop), so no blog post yet, but there will be! Good to see you! : )

Carrie K

The lace looks good! Glad to see that you and Cathy-Cate had fun!

What is the button in the upper left?


I like the new look, especially the new big type. It's very clean.
I have pins on my jacket and on my purse. I haven't tried a scarf lately, but winter will come.
(I want the "I read banned books" button. We work hard on reading the newest ones. I read "And Tango Makes Three" this year.)


I used to wear a boatload of buttons and pins on a jean jacket... wonder why I stopped? You can go into your CSS and change the colors to be less bold, yes? (I changed just a few in the beginning, but now I wouldn't want to be bothered...). goats and spiders, kind of scary. Interesting though. What's next though? Sheep and squid? (not sure why... inky wool?)

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