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17 September 2008





What Carrie said! And also - yay for Vicodin and Smokey!


ooh, ouch!

you know, I've heard knitting is a nice sedentary activity... ;)


I concur - yay Smokey!

I sucked air in through my clenched teeth when I read about how you fell. Ai! Feel better soon!


Do go in to get it X-rayed, my dear. No one can tell the difference between a bad sprain (which it sounds like) and an avulsion fracture (a bad sprain where some of the bone pulls off with the ligament). But if not properly treated, there is a huge difference in time to healing (and full healing). As long as you keep it up, keep it iced, and don't weight bear, OK to wait a day, but don't assume because it feels a bit better tomorrow that it's all right.

My father had an exactly similar injury -- sprain and chip fracture, actually, combined (he wedged his foot under his car when he went down).

Read! Knit! Rest! Ice!


wow- vicodin, a stuffed animal and an ipod. I think that is of Klondike proportions as well!


having a husband who is a nurse: priceless.


Oh you poor thing! I hope it feels better really soon but I'd probably get that x-ray just to be safe.

Carrie K

Ouch! Yikes. This might be the time to give reading a try again - I hear it's a fun hobby. And there's this stick and string game you can play almost anywhere.

Hope it feels better PDQ.


Ooowww! Is my injury-proneness rubbing off on you through the internets???

Big Alice

OW. Ow ow ow ow ow. I hope you feel better soon and it heals quickly.


Obviously you need some more yarn in your confinement.


Youch! Yowl! Yikes! Yeah, I'd say get it checked for sure... but, hmmmmmm... What if you have to stay off of it for, like, 6 weeks or something??? (when I had the acl surgery years ago-when I did NOT knit, gasp!, I had to crutch it around for 6 wks... I'd fling the laundry down the stairs with the crutches... and a vest with lots of pockets is a good thing... you can stash yarn and needles and such). Oh, and the phone, in case you fall and Smokey isn't nearby!


I have a long history of ankle/foot injuries, so I flinched big-time at your description. (As a matter of fact, I ONLY get ankle/foot injuries. I could fall down 3 flights of stairs and end up with only a broken toe or two...)
And it's now rubbing off on my husband - he's sprained his ankle big-time 3 times in the last couple of years. Last year he ended up clumping around in a big Frankenstein boot.
Enjoy some down time, and here's hoping you don't get a Frankenstein boot...

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, ow ow ow ow ow!

I'm so sorry.

I missed the bottom step on the stairs a couple of years ago while I was carrying a chair down. My sister, who was visiting, heard the "snap!" from the other room. My ankle, not the chair. Not broken, but badly sprained. Awfully painful, too.

I hope you feel much better soon. Too bad about the lack of a nice sedentary hobby, though. ;)


Does he deliver? I'm thinking of the next time my migraine doesn't respond to traditional therapy and I'm in desparate need of the "V"!!


Oh no! Take good care of yourself.


I always keep an extra pain pill or 2 in the cupboard for just the same kind of problem....although I do hope that we never had to use them and am sorry you had too. You are right though, it is very sad that you don't like to read or have a hobby that is best practiced while sitting with ones leg(s) elevated....
Maybe you should take up knitting ;)


Is it bad that I'm jealous of your twisted ankle? ;-) Okay, so it's not the ankle I'm jealous of but the extra knitting time.

Seriously, I hope it gets better real soon. In the meantime - milk it for all it's worth!

Miss T

Owie! Take good care of yourself, and definitely go and have it looked at.


I did what both Carrie and Erika did, said "Ooooooooooooooooo," in a pained voice AND sucked the air in between my teeth.

So, have you ever thought about taking up knitting? Or how about starting a blog? :-)


Ouch!!! Glad Smokey was so close. Hmm, WHATEVER will you do as you convalesce? ;)

Sheepish Annie

There is something about a twisted ankle that gives me the willies! I'm so very glad you had Smokey there to be the voice of reason and to deal with things so well. And vicodin can be a very handy thing to have around in a crisis, too!

Rest up and feel better soon. No need for photos. I'm good!

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