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27 October 2008


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Carrie K

I understand that budgeting is easier if you don't have a "fetish" about balancing it. (Actual quote heard on an NPR program.)

Miss T

Did anyone vote to spend any surplus on yarn?

Miss T

Did anyone vote to spend any surplus on yarn?


I do not envy Tonya one single bit. Nope - am glad I am not Tonya.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Tonya has the same expression as my grad school accounting professor. I never really recognized it as "I can't believe you're so stupid" before. Although I'm sure I deserved it. (To clarify, yes, I'm a lawyer. But I also have a master's in government administration. Go figure. I didn't realize it involved numbers. Mea culpa.)

I'm glad I'm not Tonya, too.

Sheepish Annie

Don't suppose you guys could come over and balance my budget for me? The nice people at Visa would appreciate it, I'm sure! ;)


Behind the scenes!


You guys DO look like you're working hard. And late. And unappreciatedly (being the budget balancer is kind of like being the scheduler, you know you are going to tick people off, but it's necessary).

Yay for public servants!


Maybe you could save some money if you got rid of all those extra chairs in the room?!?!


I'm proud of you. The few, the tired, the budget committee.

Diane T

What does it say that two out of six of your finance committee are bald? Please don't tell me they had full heads of hair when you started the process.....

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