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25 November 2008



Sadly, I look at it and think, "It's eating that poor girl alive!" I like the features, but my goodness, it's a little, um, big. And gracious - acres of seed stitch! I love the look of it, but to actually do it? /dies


I'm with Carrie. It's too big and is just not flattering. One of the perks of knitting is being able to knit something that actually fits.

Well... in theory...


I'd be happy to be eaten alive by that. Of course this is from the knitter who just finished a slightlily too small vest.


I kinda like it, big and all. Mostly, I agree with KmKat that the interesting thing is to think about construction. I think the cuffs are just long strips of ribbing sewn into the twists. Just doesn't seem possible to cable it like that.


I find fashion fascinating, although I don't practice it myself.


Wow. That's one serious piece of knitting!!


You forgot to add; "Why didn't they back those buttonholes so it doesn't pull all out of place like that?"
If I weighed less than 100 pounds, I would love to be swallowed whole by that sweater. Cuffs and all.

Sheepish Annie

How long have I waited for oversized sweaters to make a comeback? How long have I yearned to hide my stomach behind yards and yards of fabric? Too long, I say! Wrap me in yarn, Fashionistas!!!

Diane T

Tsk. This clearly proves the first theorem of knitting: "Swatches lie."

Minneota Matron

Beautiful sweater!

Pecos Blue

It is very lovely and I love the sleeves.


I'm w/ Carrie... though I do like some things about it, mostly the cables... not the ribbing at the knees, not the too wide cuffs, BUT given that fashion models weigh all of about 96.5 pounds, that sweater would probably not swallow most of us up like it does her. Also, it reminds me of the 80's, which I spent mostly in jeans and flannel shirts and ignoring what most of the country was doing. Still a fashion criminal, but at least I sometimes wear something else... oops, just looked down, kinda the same as 25 years ago...


I noticed that one too - wow, what a beautiful job putting that sweater together - great variety of textures - love the cuffs (and the buttons too, but especially the cuffs).

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