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01 November 2008



You did a great job with her!

I hope her removal goes according to plan.


That is awesome- makes me want to get a tattoo


LOL! Most excellent.


I'm impressed! Particularly considering the angle at which you had to work.

I was at my daughter's Honors Choir concert in Madison today, and some choir/band/orchestra member was from Luck, and I was thinking of you and thinking it must be about time that the cast should come off and some weight-bearing be happening, if I was thinking correctly. So glad to know I was right, knock on wood! Your boredom and antsiness and lack of pain is a good sign, one would think.

Carrie K

You did a fabulous job on her! I can't even trace well. And it's not easy in a cast in a bizarre angle either.


Very good! I actually have already voted. I was torn... wait and be part of the party on Tuesday but have to cope with the crowds (and not be sure about where the polling place is, they sometimes do it in one area, and other times in another), or vote early (which we can do here). Since I was at city hall on Friday for something else, it made sense to do it then. Now, if something should happen to me between now and Tuesday, I will have cast my vote! That palin/flag/lewis quote... scary. I have a hilarious email "next season on dancing with the stars", will forward it...





I'm glad to see you're finding such constructive entertainment during your recovery.


That's so cute!


That's so funny! The first pic looks like she's got her back to the crowd - so Dolores!

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