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20 November 2008



Rumor has it there was a massive update over the last several days. You aren't the first (or even 2nd) blogger I've read who's bemoaning this.


Typepad did indeed upgrade. One of the nice new features is that you have the option, when adding a link, to have it open in a separate window. I could never get that to work before.


Typepad has been upgrading accounts for a while now -- it happened to be a couple of weeks ago -- but they must be in the midst of a big push to git 'er done now. It's supposedly the first step in implementing some of the other upgrades in functionality that "we" want most.
; )


Ahh the beauty of CE credits for those who really don't need the classes.


Welcome to my TypePad hell. There's an opt-out if you can't take the new crap.

Happy knitting!

Sheepish Annie

Happy workshop knitting! I'll be doing the same come Monday. I hate these workshops, but they are certainly good for working on projects that might otherwise sit until Spring!


Yay for the Red Scarf! It's still much needed, so thank you for that.

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