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27 November 2008



email your snail mail address. We get them cheap and easy here.


wasabi peas that is.


I thought Sophanne was offering you snails by mail! But you didn't want them! (Besides, they'd be gross by the time they got there. I know, you think they're gross already. Like several other things I can think of, they're an excuse for butter and garlic.....)

Interesting and amusing, I'll have to do that sometime. Maybe soon, given that I'm still NaBloPoMo-ing.

By the way, if you've ever had catfish in any form, you've had carp!


I still haven't done this meme... one day I will... check out my comment in the Nov 23 post at Gramily's, http://www.mifflettes.com/, about prickly pear fruit.


Ohhh I wish I could send you some Pho. It's a Vietnamese soup based on a clear beef broth. In the classic version they slice flank steak very thin, put it in the bowl, and cover it with boiling beef broth to cook. It's got noodles and Thai basil and bean sprouts and you squeeze a bit of lime over it and YUM I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW.

I think if you've had Chinese Hot and Sour Soup, you can check "tom yum" off the list. Purists would disagree, but hey.


I'm gonna try this one too...
It's amazing how long it takes to undo someone else's mark ups so you can do your own :-)


Catfish smoked with apple wood chips. To die for, if I remember correctly.
Amazing how many of these things us pitiable Midwesterners have eaten. I guess we're not so culturally dumb after all.
Gosh, now I have to try to remember the name of the story that I saw goulash described in. What's that site where you type in the plot, and somebody volunteers the name of the book? I think it was about vampires...

Miss T

Yes, kaolin is clay, used to make porcelain. I really don't understand why it's on that list.

I know a great pho joint. Maybe sometime when you're in town...

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