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17 November 2008



Is it dowdy just to want it around my neck to keep me warm?


There are times at home when I will wear a smaller shawl strictly for warmth with "point at back", but not in public. Asymmetrically flung can look chic, point in back not so much (unless one were wearing a wide crinoline and draped the shawl off the shoulder - but then one would be somewhere in the 19th century).


Fab-u-lous. My skewed wearing of triangular shawls has been vindicated!


A triangle of scarf over a shoulder? 1989, anyone? Someone call that Oprah woman.

Thank you for sharing, sweetie. Very interesting. I never knew stylish people lived in Canada. I am always impressed and amazed at how the ladies of Paris can do so many things with a simple scarf or shawl.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I've never been in the least chic and I'm not at all disturbed by that. I LOVE the point at the back--it's the only way I'll ever have an hourglass shape!


Huh. As with most fashion statements, it's all in the attitude, methinks. I am amazed at the shawls I'm seeing crop up in department stores - and I saw one in Target yesterday!


LMAO @ English ladies buy that. Dying. Oh, that's lovely.
Interesting, I wear them however I like. My German friend wears her Swallowtail wrapped around her neck, point completely obscured. Me? I wear my Shetland triangle in whatever way covers the most of my coldness. Chic-be-damned.

Diane T

When possible, I avoid the point at the back because I always feel like it's an arrow saying "look at my butt". Which can draw enough attention on its own, thank you very much. Having said that, if I'm going for warmth, the point goes over whichever part of me is coldest. I do love rectangular stoles/scarves the most.

Sheepish Annie

Well, now I am hopelessly confused. Am I fashionable? Am I dowdy? I'm a little scared of my shawls now...

I think I'll just keep wearing the rectangular ones. That seems the safest option. I don't know what I'll do with my points should I venture towards the triangular ones!


I had no idea. Now I'm afraid to wear a shawl at all.

Theresa I

I had to jump out of my chair here at work to see where the point of my shawl had landed when I flung it on this morning.
It's at the back and and one end is wrapped over my left shoulder and held in place by a costume jewelry pin I found in my mother's jewelry box ( I inherited).
I choose to call it bohemian chic.


kmkat: Tried to e-mail you but kept getting bouncebacks. Price point is a relative- I shop at Value Village,Hermes and all points in between depending on my work situation!

Cookie: I'm happy to contribut to your education about the broader world.


Point in the back always makes me think "Jemima Puddleduck".


I have a small triangular "shawlette" that I always used to wear point-at-back -- but that point probably lands not much lower than between my shoulder blades. Lower than that, I can definitely feel the "look at my butt" sentiment. It's all about the practical -- I wear it that way to keep my shoulders and back warm!

Lately, I have been wearing another triangular-ish shawl (with very long "arms") with the point to the front (let's say, pointing to the armpit), the ends brought around and looped one over the other, then secured with a shawl pin. Love it that way, and how it brings the color closer to my face.


As I knit, if it's going to be nice and big and warm?? ... I alter the pattern to eliminate the point. I don't need anything pointing to my hind quarters. Seriously.

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