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31 December 2008


Miss T

Great photos!


As I regular reader I must say that notably missing is "The Great Escape" from the elevator. Here's to more good, less bad and plenty of funny ugly. Happy New Year!


What a great idea - I may have to steal it. Wonderful pictures!


What a great retrospective!


That was a fun review!

Sheepish Annie

What a fabulous way to honor The Year That Was! Happy New Year to you and yours! May '09 be full of stuff just as good and free of broken bones.


Great idea for a wrap-up post!

P.S. I was NOT hot and bothered. Just sayin.

Carrie K

I missed the bashing up of the face, I think! Ouch!

Nice photos! I love Franklin's earring.


Great review! I'm storing up the idea for next year....
See you in 2009!



I, too, was hoping for a shot of the Elevator Caper. Oh well!

Happy 2009!


I made the review?? What an honor!


Happy new year kmkat!

P.S. I posted your sandcastle today, hope you like it!

dale-harriet in WI

Oh, how SPLENDID! Your pic of Franklin is waaaay better than any of mine; also, may I say: I appreciated very much your comments about the "Strib"....I've a fierce loyalty to it, although in MY day it was "the Star AND Tribune". My father worked there for the better part of his life (editor of the Minnesota Poll for a lot of it). Happy New Year, friend o' mine! Hope we can cross paths again sometime in '09....(and oh yeah, I'd happily adopt that boy - can I be his Unofficial Bubbeh, perhaps? Everyone needs a Bubbeh --)


A very happy new year to you and your family!


Happy New Year!

Starting to scratch the surface of blog reading....I've been working a lot, and of course we're a little short at work.

Glad to know The Finger is immortalized! HA! Unexpected, and it made me laugh, inamongst all the fateful and beautiful pictures of the year!


That was a very cool way to review the year!

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