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29 December 2008



My goodness! That's certainly a dramatic baby birthin' story - glad everything turned out ok. Oy.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Amazing! Glad 911 was able to help guide with the birth. An old friend gave birth on the side of the highway in TX earlier this year; luckily, a couple of patrolmen were there to assist.

I think they wanted to focus on the sweaters in Custom Knits, but surely, the models could have worn simple jeans/pants, yes?


Thank goodness the daddy stayed calm!

We like that Maggie. Very sensible girl.

I always enjoy those spam emails. Mostly because I don't have an account at paypal, so there's no concern at all on my part when they roll in.

Depressing, but true, I think.



Typepads font and colors heh heh! Maggie and you are dead on about custom knits but I think some of them would look nice with pants. I'm off to look at the yarn button. That is awesome. Really- if you wanted me to really read the Kunstler article, you wouldn't have put that info ahead of it!


Wow. The baby birth story was dramatic as hell. And why don't models wear pants? What's up with that? Last time I wore a sweater I'm pretty sure I wore pants with it. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned.


Thanks for sharing the Kunstler piece. I have his blog bookmarked but don't visit very often as it's a recipe for depression -- not in the sense that the world he envisions will be so terrible, but because so many of the world's leaders either don't get it or can't bring themselves to deal with it. Which will make the transition to doing more with less more difficult than it will need to be.

Sheepish Annie

Delivering a baby? Ack!!!!! I am rather impressed that anyone does this sort of thing at all. I like to believe that there is any easier way to do this...

I also generally wear pants with my handknits, but I'd have to see the actual sweaters before I make a judgement call. But I'm pretty certain that I'm not going to start wandering around in my underpants even if that is going to be the current fashion!


Way cool on the new arrival. My sister delivered #4 at home -- no time to get to the hospital, hardly any labor, with the help of her husband. She's a nurse and was pretty calm about it but Joe was a wreck. It makes a great story.


I bought a copy of _Custom Knits_. It pained me to support a book that perpetrated that egregious styling disaster, but it really is full of useful information and cute sweaters. But those girls totally need to put on some pants.


Now you know my secret- at least 75% of the babies I deliver don't need me there. But rule #1, #2 and #3 are don't panic!

Carrie K

I love Clusterfuck Nation.

Delivered the baby at home??? Yikes. I mean, centuries past and all that but still. Pretty cool beginning for baby.

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