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04 December 2008


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Wow. Brought tears to my eyes, that did.


Wonderful! Yep, teary eyed here too.

Diane T

You find the most interesting videos. I'm forwarding this link to my stepdaughter. She's a former teacher, who after leaving teaching full time, created a mentoring program in her small town to help kids in need. They received their first grant this year to expand their program to accept more kids. She makes a difference too and her dad and I are very proud of her.


I've got this one on my ipod. Thanks for reminding me.

Sheepish Annie

Why, oh, why can I never find those words when someone asks me that question with a smirk on their face? Thanks for posting this! It's report card time and I think I really needed to hear it.


I've got a new hero. Now I have to go email that link to my husband the teacher.

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