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02 December 2008


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He must get his lovely locks from you! Happy Birth Day to you, too.


Happy birthday, gorgeous guy!


I know I shouldn't say this about a 24 year old (for all kinds of reasons), but he's beautiful. Good job, K. And happy birthday, A! (it's "A", isn't it?)


Wow, that last picture is outstanding. Looks like he cut his hair a bit shorter, too. Damn.


What a beautiful child. Inside and out, I'm guessing, since his mother is so lovely.

Happy Birthday!


Oh, look at him! Oh, look at you! Oh, look at him -- he looks like you (his hair's as long, anyway)! ; ) Oh, look at those beautiful blue eyes!! (I like the slightly shorter hair, too, and the release of the curls.) Heh.



Those are some wicked cool hair growing genes your family sports. We are not so gifted follicly in the CM family. Possibly it is an area of medical study.... ;)
Big Happy Bday wishes.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Almost as cute now as he was in the first picture.

Happy Birthday!

Jeff Peterson

Great pictures. Great kid!


Happy birthday!

Sheepish Annie

Dude...Happy Birthday! You sure have packed a lot into 24 years!


Happy birthday!

Diane T

Happy birthday to the Big Guy!


Happy Birthday!

dale-harriet in WI

Oh my FRIEND! Mazel Tov! For his birthday - but mostly to you, for clearly raising up the kind of young man I hope appears more and more, for there lies the future of our future. (The fact that he's gorgeous has less to do with his comeliness and more to do with the look in those eyes.) Could I, do you think, interest him in an adopted surrogate old Hippie-Jewish-Bubbeh? 'Cause if he wants one, I know where he can get one. Cheap. Well....easy. No, no - I mean, "readily".


A very happy birthday!

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