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03 December 2008



You found them. Good for you!

Ya know, a little insane laughter is good for you. ;^)


Icky. Morphine. *pukity pukity puke*

Hmm. Literature nerd.

Carrie K

There was no knitting nerd? :)

Morphine. Thankfully I've never needed it.

Sheepish Annie

I guess I am just a plain sort of nerd. I couldn't even finish the quiz before my attention wandered. Maybe I need some morphine...


Book nerd closely followed by math/science nerd.

Over an hour *after* you asked?! Ouch.


Well that's pretty funny - for any kind of nerd - that you forgot where you put the pictures that you took when you were on a morphine drip ... hmmmm.


Literature nerd here, but only because they didn't have a knitting nerd catagory.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I hate morphine. It gives me hallucinations and horrific nightmares. Once, when I'd had emergency surgery, I was kept on heavy morphine for several days and suffered mightily the whole time. When I finally started to wake up, I struggled to shake the morphine haze and the nightmares and was terribly relieved to discover they'd put me on a pump. I was almost completely awake when the nurse came in, looked at the pump, and scolded me: "You haven't been using your morphine!" and then pushed the button! And down I went again.

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