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21 January 2009


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I'm glad everyone is safe. Talk about a lot of goings on for a Wednesday night.


I see no problem whatsoever with your gladness.


Yeah, me either... glad he's ok! You've been busy!! (all those handwarmers and all that miniaturizing the world)

Carrie K

I don't see a problem w/your gladness either. Poor Smokey. Always named in a fire. :)

Five cheese mac 'n asparagus! A......semi gourmet.


If son #2 had leftovers, I wonder if he could make cheesy asparagus soup. Just add broth. Or milk. Or?

I must be hungry, the mac and asparagus got me thinking about dinner.


Good for the sons - glad to hear #2 is eating something green (my son's not too good with green food) - glad to hear they didn't want #1 at the fire (no, there's nothing wrong with how you feel - any mother would feel that way)

And good to hear Smokey didn't have anything to do with the fire!



Quite exciting - and luckily all ended well. #2 must be feeling flush, buying asparagus in January!! ;)


Hah. He'll get used to it. Between the combination of Manhattan and med school, he'll stop hearing the sirens. Everytime I talk to my mom when I'm at work at the hospital she says, "don't you need to go check on that alarm?" and I say "what alarm?"

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