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24 January 2009



Wow! Wish I'd been a fly on the wall.


Looks like fun!

Sheepish Annie

Dude! You are hobnobbing! I never get to hobnob. But I do so enjoy doing it vicariously. Thanks for sharing your fabulous night!


What a View! I thought you were in some sort of 5 star Hilton lobby.

Also love the notes on the knits picture. Looks like good times.


Looks like a lot of fun! What a terrific amount of knitting talent to have in one place. :)


Dang, you totally took notes on the knitting! Heh, I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed in every single picture...


There were non-knitting guests there? Poor things. That is some apartment, looks like they've got the perfect place for a party.


Sounds like a great night!


I heard you giggled yourself silly!!

Miss T

Looks like a great gathering!


Great blog entry. Wasn't it fun? And for the record, the non-knitting guests had a blast! :-D

dale-harriet in WI

How WONDROUS! I love that district; and I love that it's now all elegant instead of the alternative. (But then, you know me for partiality to Minny-applesauce.) You know what would be fun sometime? A gathering of OUR local Hog-and-Bloggers and the other cheesy knitbloggers. Might be something to ruminate* on for warmer days ahead.

*We Wisconsinites are particularly good at ruminating. Nevermind.


Color me jealous.
This town is too small to support these wonderful events. sigh.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Thanks for ID'ing the WIPS! Y'all had fun, I can see that! :)


I HAD seen that picture elsewhere first (Susan's blog) -- but not annotated! Yes, inquiring knitting minds want to know! Danke!

Hey, that's the Wollmeise that Chris won in my Blogiversary Raffle! Coolness! (I had to biggify the pic to be sure, but I know she said she didn't have anyway, when she got it.) Still haven't knit any of mine up, but I'm getting the gumption up to do so.

Sounds like a fun time. :-)


Thanks for the fun post...looks like a very happy gathering in a fun place.


That's terrific! Love that party place. ; )


Fun!! I did see the photo elsewhere, as you know! (Tell Dale-Harriet that the cheesy knitblogger gathering is a fabulous idea.)


Swedish Institute. That's it. I'm moving in with you. (Swedish Institute has my Aunt Mary's loom from the Old country, you know.)

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