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16 January 2009


dale-harriet in WI

Couldn't agree more. What are shawls for? (Of course, nevermind that I'm wearing THREE of them and it's 60 in here.) It really IS relative, and once it's -20 or colder it feels pretty much the same. Yesterday, when the temperature was -17 (that's NOT windchill) the husband walked up to the Museum, some 9 miles. But he has an expedition parka, insulated boots, a balaklava (not a knitted one, a better modern one) and appropriate gloves, caps, &c. His motto is "dress for it". But still -- if it were 200 years ago and I was tucked cozily into my wigwam by Lake Number One, I don't know as I'd be going to the bathroom much. Know what I mean? (And won't we love it when it's +50 and we can get by with just a little sweater?)


I don't "do" cold very well, my nose and fingers freeze up and then my brains fall out. As you can imagine that gets a little messy.


Please tell me you're wearing a hat and lots of other lovely hat knits. Please.

I think people can adjust to whatever Mother Nature gives them/us. It might not be fun, but, for the most part, we survive.

Right? o.O



I don't run much A/C in the summer, but in the winter I expect a nice 68F at the very least. 49F inside would make me cranky, indeed.


I'm so over this winter crap.


Hell is cold!


Brr! I'm having to conserve firewood (my only source of heat), because although I ordered firewood last September, it has not yet arrived. And everyone else is out, too, so basically I'm SOL this year, and having to eke out heat from whatever was left over from last year.

It's 59 inside right now, so I guess I should feel lucky! It's really put a dent in my knitting productivity, because I find that my fingers have trouble knitting when it's below 60.


I dunno, we have oil fired hot water radiators... and a farmhouse with an ell. We generally keep it off/cool and use the woodstove (in the ell). But when it's cold like this, we turn it up. To 60 or 65. Which means that when the heat kicks on (about 4-5 am), it gets wicked hot upstairs (it can be 80 degrees in our bedrooms), but it remains cool on the first floor (54-56). I want it REVERSED! I grew up near a mink farm in MA, and when I was little I'd have these nightmares about the minks. They'd march through the woods (between the farm and our house, now it's all developed) in military formation, let by the captain mink.


Thank goodness for handknits eh? You keep warm girl!


-30 just a bit north of here when I drove for work this morning. Only -26 here, proper.
It occurred to me after I'd gotten to work that I was being pretty calm about being out in the middle of the night in that kind of cold.
Once you get below-10, it all seems pretty much the same.


I like winter and clear, crisp days, but I would have trouble if I couldn't keep the house reasonable. My hands freeze and I wouldn't be able to knit. It's difficult as it stands. It was -30 C this morning.


I feel warmer now.
My house is warmer than it was moments ago. And my yard... is SO much warmer! All because I get to compare it with yours.
I'm still knitting a cowl for my neck though.


I'm so totally meant to be a Duluthian. They've canceled school the last two days--for THE COLD--and I'm indignant. Dress the kiddies in layers and cover all exposed kids and get them to school, me says.

Of course, we're in the city...


I'll never forget -- I think it was January '77 and I was living in Solon Springs, my dad was in Oregon fishing and, naturally, the talk turned to weather during one of his calls home. It was a balmy 50F where they were fishing, I was hauling in firewood at -50F. A couple thousand miles difference, a couple-few degrees...

They have that same deal here and my boss goes off the grid regularly. I think I could handle it, but my Southern California-raised husband could definitely NOT... and I think the girls take after him in that area.


I hope the temps are finally giving you a break today.

I see there are a couple neat knitting events coming up in Minneapolis; the Bohus weekend at the Swedish Institute next week and then the Yarnover all-day event in April with lots of marvelous teachers. I can't make it to Minneapolis next weekend, but am wondering if you've ever been to a Yarnover and what's your opinion of them. I'm considering registering for a class or two.


Dante would agree.


I'm getting here late. I'm fascinated by the concept of the interruptible grid. You are a lot tougher than I am. I would deal with the cold, but if I couldn't make a cup of coffee or see to read or knit, I'd be whining profusely.


When I was in elementary school, our dad would put our school clothes in front of the fire so when we got up, we'd race downstairs and put on our toasty clothes! Very sweet.

Good thing you know how to knit warm stuff!


If you saw my indoor thermostat, I think you'd want to slap me around a little.

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