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25 January 2009


dale-harriet in WI

yes, well - anyone who thinks that cats lack the power of speech....if that look doesn't say, "WHAT??? I didn't do anything! Go away." hasn't ever talked to a cat. Of course, a look of "defensive innocence" never makes it. I'm still trying to figure out why Lilliane was caught standing in the kitchen sink drinking water out of my teacup, filled to just rinse --- when she has a $35 crystal-clear, ever-running kitty fountain of her very own.


There's a cat with blackmail photos the willingness to use them if you don't stop it.


Wicked kitty!


unwanted = kitten? really?
I want them all! Which is why it's so very dangerous for me to go to the Humane Society. I think DH's allergies are all that keeps me from becoming a crazy cat woman. Even with the allergies, we have two...
and I love that this caused us both to channel popular music!


Well, yes, I could see where unwanted=kitten right this minute, but seriously, who can resist for very long? Your kitty thought there was a mouse living behind that wall and she was just trying to be helpful by finding it for you. Imagine her disappointment when all she got was funny snow all over her. Although the excavating was fun....

Sheepish Annie

I guess I should be happy that the AGK's new hobby is opening drawers. I'd hate to be brushing styrofoam out of the fur. He does hate the brushing...


Oh, silly kitty! sometimes......:)


You are in a Motown Mood!

The power of static electricity and styrofoam....


Such a pretty kitty. Styrofoam must be a wonderful texture to shred. :D

Carrie K

Bad case of dandruff there.

No unwanted kittens! Aw.

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