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27 January 2009



That Michael Pollan; I'll vote. What an excellent idea.


I voted.

Your preemie hats are adorable. Times running out and I've only completed 1 1/2; I guess I'd better get moving!


How funny, I just read about Alice Waters asking for a 'Kitchen Cabinet', someone to advise the president on food issues:)


What an amazing idea - I know that I am going to be planting my veggie garden at home this year - we missed it far too much last year.

love your preemie hats!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I got a good chuckle out of the picture, but I'm surprised there isn't already a vegetable garden on the White House grounds. Around here, at least, lots of restaurants either have their own gardens or contract with local farms to provide them with fresh produce daily. I've even seen pictures of roof top gardens serving restaurants in New York City. So why not a vegetable garden at the White House?



What a great idea. It's a shame that there hasn't been a garden at the White House before.

Love the teensy little hats.


Most excellent idea. I'm even toying around with the idea of having a bigger veggie garden this year, even though I re-enrolled in my CSA. Obama could really set a wonderful example.


I love that American Gothic White House Garden picture! Of course, the American Gothic thing always gives me a flashback to the band Farm Accident: "I always knew I'd come to harm... down on the farm."

Tangential much, Chris?


Awesome hats! Thanks!

Carrie K

Victory Gardens at the White House! Splendid idea. And for all of us.

Ah, the hats! I've got to check the Ravelry forum and find out when I'm supposed to mail mine off.

Sheepish Annie

It is rather easy to forget about where the food came from, especially if you aren't a gardener yourself. You just get to assuming that it somehow materializes on the plate...


She does Troy Gardens? She's got my vote.


I voted. But I think the Obama kids should have to get out there and weed a little bit too. Did me good when I was growing up to pull up radishes and shell peas and corn. Best food evah!

dale-harriet in WI

Yup, I voted - here's a question, though. I'm all set to crank out preemie hats, but: what yarn are you using? I made one very sweet one but it seems scratchy, which those wee bitties do not need! (Did I mention my Lovely Daughter was a teensy herself?)

Miss T

A garden at the White House would be so, so fabulous.

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