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19 February 2009


Carrie K

I've noticed that about the capchas lately too. Much fun! I love how you've used yours in sentences. Perfectly sensible sentences to boot.


I had a cute one this morning (that I can't remember and didn't capcha) -- slypunce is cute.
; )


Hee hee - I'm glad it's not just my imagination on the capchas...


Yes, I've noticed it. sometimes the letters seem to mirror the subject of the blogger's post, too. Aren't you clever to use the floaty letters here . . .


Very clever use of captchas! I believe you've captcha'd the heart of the matter...

Slypunce is my favorite. I believe that's what my kitteh does.


Sometimes, the captchas even reflect my comments...
I do like them better than the old jumbled letters.


You crack me up!

Thanks for the giggles.


That is hilarious! Reminds me of "sniglets," from the 80s.


Bursplat is what happens when your burrito slips out of your hand and lands on the floor.

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