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01 February 2009



Because it's Knitpicks. *L*

Love the hats and the unreported socks!


Love the hats and the socks!


Look at all those hats! So cute. I can't figure out the Knitpicks thing either. Kind of ticks me off to be quite honest. But, I'm too lazy to send them an email or call and ask what the heck is up. How sad is that? ;)


Because of these trying economic times? I think that's the default answer to everything.

Sheepish Annie

The clearance price thing has confused me for years. Is everything on clearance? Is nothing on clearance? Does clearance really have a meaning? Is my definition different from everyone else's?

The cats may not worry about this stuff, but I do...


Love the hats.
ALMOST enough to get me to crank out some of my own.


Kitteh!! love the kitteh.
And thanks for buying the book... (;


Wow! Look at all those hats! That cat should have a hat. ;)


If I woke up at night and found that kitteh watching me, I'd be examining my conscience.

Cute parade of hats.


Yes, Hannibal is slightly worried about the preemie hats; but it's not that you'll run out of yarn....

I bought that book too, just last week, it's sitting one foot from my elbow as I type (something sounds strange and unanatomical about that sentence). Looks like some likely patterns in there.

And I always knew you had excellent taste.


Great hats! I see your kitty is every bit as concerned about your knitting as my kitties are about mine :-)


Love the hats and the socks - super cute. And I don't mind pooling in my socks so much either but the book looks really interesting and has been getting good reviews. I may have to pick it up too.

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