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22 February 2009



Ha! I did mine and need a psychiatrist and an exorcism!


Your name that candybar link actually says something about a wriggly ranch?
Carrie needs came up with a good home (a pit bull, yay me!), some help and to examine life choices (a 45-yr-old virgin o.0), vitamin water, a nice hot bath, and therapy. Not in that order. What Carrie really needs is a pit bull named Carrie. Who takes hot therapy baths in vitamin water, and is fixed.


I got 8/12, but I contend that I got the first one on the second row right, just due to the fact that what THEY call them are the same as what *I* called them, only their version isn't available in my area.
(Was that vague enough? LOL)


These are fun! I have to go do the 'Jocelyn needs...' now.

You asked about seeing--and judging--my mortifying teaching presentation. Because I'm sure you're not genuinely malevolent, I'll share this link:


Of course, my presentation is the one given by Jocelyn.

Thanks for asking!


Okay, I'm back: the first one on Google, was "Jocelyn needs to poo."

How'd they know?


I'm going crazy here. I just left two comments, and now they aren't showing up. I hope it's just me, being an idiot.

At any rate, I left you the link to the teaching presentation I had to do, so if it doesn't show up in your comments, let me know.

Le sigh.


ha ha ha, a lobotomy~!!! We got 8/12 on the first page too... but then totally bombed the second!

limedragon :-: Harriet

I clearly eat too much candy (or on the other hand, I examine my food closely before eating?)! 17 total correct. Some of them I've never seen in person, such as the Aero bar. Fun!

Sheepish Annie

Not going to post my candy bar score. It is embarrassing. I missed most of them. I do not have a cross section to study for very long. I eat them too fast...


It'd be easier if they should the cross-sections after a bite, rather than a slice.


Um, the green candy bar? I'm so not eating that. Toxic looking. I did the Diane needs thing and scored on the first one:

Diane needs a pigfoot and a bottle of beer, some reefer and some gin, and crawlin'

All in one! I didn't think it could get any better than that so I stopped.


I did that candy bar thing a while ago and was feeling victorious about my stunningly awesome score until I realized that being able to id candy bars wasn't a skill I should be THAT proud of. Ah well.


Two of the first three said Cookie needs a new home.


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