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10 February 2009


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Meanwhile, my mother thinks they are recyclable because they are paper.



I switched to silk hankies about, um, 10 years ago?


OMG, my DH tries to recycle all that crap. Tissues, used paper towels, plastic wrap from packages... GAH. (He SWEARS, no matter how many times I hassle him about it, that there is someone who's paid to sort through the recycling at the end of the line. SIGH.)


Had never considered the compost bin....I wonder....would the trash hauler (who I get my seasonal bin from) freak out if I started putting some things in there that aren't specifically "Yard Waste". I just may have to do some research of my own.....


Or do what most school kids I know do - use your sleeve and have mom launder it!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Great. Now can you please figure out which one is really better for the environment, cloth or disposable diapers?


Deb's got it! That was certainly my son's method for years for his nose. Wiping his face or mouth after eating, that job went to my shirt. I got a lot of hugs after meals! But now he and his dad are both good at carrying hankies and we've been using cloth napkins forever.

Tissues not breaking down in the sewer line is an issue for those with pipes to the city as well. Ours are about 60 years old and need a little help now and then, to the tune of about 300 bucks every 2 years. The plumbers/rooter guys all say do NOT put tissues in the toilet. Nothing but naturally occurring items that will break apart quickly and toilet paper. Anything that can get caught in the imperfections of the pipe is just asking for trouble.

Sheepish Annie

How timely! It seems I have a cold. A real one, not the fake kind I've been getting for the last few months. I'll just store up all my tissues until someone can tell me what to do with them.

Kidding. I am so totally not doing that. I am keeping a couple up my sleeve like a lady.


Aw shucks,'twarn't nothing. Everybody loves to talk trash now and again.


Well, since TP breaks down more easily....
why not just use tp instead of tissues.... (which we often do b/c I forgot to get more tissues....)

Big Alice

I really like my cotton handkerchiefs. I switched a few years ago and hooray, no more soggy kleenexes. Dharma Trading Co has them for something like $10 for a dozen, which seems high but not over time, they last forever. I've bought 3 dozen and just wash them with the regular laundry. I also find they feel nicer on the nose.

I know, tangential to your Investigative Report, so forgive my handkerchief evangelism.

Carrie K

I use hankies too. It never occurred to me that they could be flushed - water rationing is just in my blood.


Well, who knew there could be so much discussion about tissues?

I'd say that in the city the pipes probably don't need the extra waste, and I'd want to avoid excessive water use so I'll continue to throw them away...we would use fabric hankies but I'm not sure I could keep up with the laundry as we are a house full of allergies ...


Seems like I can't win - but I'll keep trying to stay ahead. (I did use cloth diapers - please don't tell me that wasn't the best thing to do!)

Miss T

Blog award for you! Check out my post today.


My immediate reaction was: trash. But compost? Genius. Why in the heck do I not throw mine there?

Things will change.


I'll be darned. Something new to keep me up at night...

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