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28 February 2009



Ari has worms. She named them all "Dave".

Miss T

I haven't gone this far yet. A big compost bin outside does just fine.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

As cool as that is (and as an avid gardener, I really do think it is), I'm pretty sure I couldn't live with garbage-eating worms making worm-juice (!) in my kitchen. Call me squeamish. Bleah.


How cool!

I remember doing that as a kid. Although, I think we were growing bait. o.0 Worms are surprisingly hearty, sweetie.

Good luck on the breeding program!


Yay, little worms! *waves hello*

You're absolutely right. As long as you keep an eye on it, it's pretty much idiot-proof. The main problems one incurs are as you have mentioned. They're all obvious to the eye, and easy enough to solve.

The longer your box runs, the more buffer it builds up against vagaries of moisture and food load. Take heart - it will only get easier!


Oh - something just occurred to me. I notice your lid is clear. Worms don't like the light, and they prefer to eat below the surface. (They don't know that birds won't attack them in your kitchen.)

Try tossing some pieces of corrugated cardboard or flattened cereal boxes on top. Then you can peel back the soggy cardboard to jam the food scraps underneath. Or do what I do - throw all the scraps on top, occasionally add a new sheet of cardboard, and call it "layering."


I wanna see the worms. Show me worms.

I'd like to do this but the other half would never stand for worms in the house. Tsk, men are so squeamish.

Hey! I know! You could have a blog contest where your readers have to guess how many worms live in your kitchen. Oh, wait, then you'd have to count them wouldn't you?

Never mind. Sorry, my brain is in turmoil, I'm trying to upgrade my blog and keep arsing it up.


Wow... I'm still thinking about the whole thing and February is only hours from being all over!


Hmmm....I don't think I could live under the same roof as worms. I hope your experiment works out though. Keep us updated.


Now I'm giggling about Erika's comment about worms not knowing birds won't attack them in your kitchen and picturing a combination of The Birds, some sort of worm monster movie, and Hannibal leaping about in delight... "Birds! Birds! Birds!"

Stardust B

That's impressive. I haven't gotten to the composting point yet. It intimidates me. Let us know how it goes.


I will be damned. Worms! Who knew!!


I wonder if I can get my family to play.
I'd like to.
But then, I'd have to actually garden, wouldn't I? and until I quit being GONE for all of July, I'll never get the motivation to create a garden.


I'm pretty sure the family would not be keen on worms in the house. The DH is barely tolerating the bags of compost material in the freezer, waiting to have enough to make a whole layer in my future garden. I'd better get some more peelings going if I'm going to have enough to spread this year.


Ah, worms! We bought a bunch via mail order years ago, when Sabina was small. The first box got lost in the mail, and the company told us that if and when it arrived, throw them out without opening the box first. Of course we could not resist, and the... aroma of deceased wormage is one of those smells you never forget.

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