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28 April 2009



I voted for red pearlies, but I meant to vote for the red mottled.

Sheepish Annie

Brass hearts all the way, baby!! Actually, any of the choices would be lovely. I just sort of liked the hearts. Which is odd because I'm not really a heartsy-fartsy sort of person...

Yvonne in southwest Virginia

I, too, like the red mottled best!


I love a good poll.
; )


Hmmm, the poll won't load for me. I like the red pearlies. :) Is it wrong that I kind of liked peering at all those buttons dumped out? Mmmmmm, I loves me a button box/bag/tin.


I have an urge to dig through your button box. I don't think the red perlies are too girly.


Mottled red all the way, even though it's losing in the poll. But you should knit another Einstein for a girl and put the pearlies on it.


Brass hearts here. That is one cool button box.


Okay. I feel better now. I'm just now seeing this post. I thought there had been a button quiz on the other other button post and was feeling a little more lost and confused than usual.

No, I have no button opinion. I have faith in you and the buttons to do the right thing.

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