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12 April 2009


Sheepish Annie

I almost didn't admit how long I waited to do the taxes because I always feel like such a slug for putting it off every year. Now I feel better. If the tax accountant can wait, so can I!


What, do you usually get an extension?!


And here I thought tax accountants would be the first ones to file...


Heh, I always think I'm going to get our taxes prepared in February, and every year the paperwork goes to the accountant in April. There was a refund this year so I really should have done them earlier.


I e-filed on Friday!

This is really bad because they owe me......

dale-harriet in WI

Being mathematically-dyslexic, numerically-challenged and not too bright (numberly speaking) my husband does the taxes. He does 'em on paper, like a Normal Human Person, rather than electronically...although I guess it's just going to be a matter of time. But we used to have him finish them and then go out at midnight to mail them at the Post Office because they serve lovely doughnuts at the mailboxes! We don't do that now - at our age, he says we should just mail 'em timely. You never know.


I'm so glad there are all types in the world. What you do for a living--and what you did last weekend--are the stuff of my nightmares. What would we do without you, though?

I bow to you.

Carrie K

You had the week off?

You did your taxes before Oct 15th? Can you do that and still keep your professional standing? lol

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