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26 April 2009



Are you sure you don't like pink? ; ^)

Great socks!


Nice! I made muffins this morning, and despite setting the heat to the recommended, and baking them for the recommended time, they burned. Sigh.


And damn-it-all-to-hell if we don't still need socks when we've already had an 85 degree day and just want to run around sockless but can't! I wouldn't care what color lemon bars were as long as they were lemon-ey!

Suzanne (Yarnhog)

The socks are beautiful! I'd love to have some just like them. ;)

I can't believe the lemon bars didn't burn!


Mm, now I want lemon bars SO BAD!


No pictures of pink lemonade bars?! What????? I demand you make more to photograph them for us. :D


I'm on my second pair of Opal socks, and I'm making them extra-long too, for the same reasons. I had a whole lot of yarn leftover with the first pair, and I have big feet.


Another vote for extra-long. The socks are cute as can be, too.

limedragon :-: Harriet

These socks are very cute! I, too, prefer longer legs/cuffs for my socks during the wintertime. Drafts, ick!

Sheepish Annie

Lemon bars are the most forgiving dessert in the whole wide world. They can be pink and they don't care how long they live in the oven! Gotta love 'em!!


Time for matching leg warmers.

I've never made lemon bars, and I'm a happy baker. The idea of cookign without chocolate never occurred to me!


I'm thinking the lemon bars would look nice next to the socks, which are wonderful!


Gotta love a recipe that gives you that big a screw-up window...
I usually burn my last tray of cookies, because as they go in the oven I'm thinking "There! That's done!" and forget to set the timer.

Miss T

Nice socks. Hmm, I don't think my lemon bar recipe calls for food coloring. And they come out looking lemony.


Great socks!


I do love lemon bars....
I love knee high socks - the higher the better...and I end up wearing them all year long. Just not on shorts & flip-flops days.


I did that once with pecan bars. They turned out fine too, I wonder what the story is. I really like the sock colors.


Back in pharmacy school, we learned all about how color and scent alters our perceptions of taste. People really wil think that a food or a cough syrup tastes like cherry if it is red - even if the flavoring is banana.


Opal yarn comes in very generous balls, indeed. I knit mr beest a pair of Tiger socks with the Opal tiger yarn and they're knee high. The end result looks very tigerish, great to freak out his colleagues in the office!

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