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20 May 2009





I was really upset when I read the news yesterday. With more and more people biking there really needs to be some attention put on everyones responsibilities as good drivers (car, bike, motorcycle, scooter)who share the road.


Our bike lanes are on the right, but we have right turn lanes and bus lanes that are further right still, so our bikers have to cross paths with turning cars to keep heading straight as well. Cursingmama has it right - we gotta watch.


That is so sad.


What a sad story.

Carrie K

So sad. Any safety tips are good. One sad but true fact for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles is that they have to be much more defensive and aware. As my Dad would say, you may be in the right, but you're dead right.

Sheepish Annie

My brother was hit years ago while biking in Salt Lake City. Similar cirucmstances, actually. He just wasn't as visible as he needed to be, even if everyone was doing everything right. I was very lucky to not lose him. Accidents like yesterday's remind me of that...

Miss T

Very sad. This is not a very bike-aware city.


Terrible. It's hard to bike as defensively as you need to--being so exposed, ultimately. I'm the car driver, though, who is hyper aware of cyclists.


Things like this always stop me short. My husband commutes to work on his bike and has been lucky to only have 1 very small incident with a car. Here in Sydney we've got some great bike paths and a lot of limp-wristed, bureaucratic, ticking a box efforts. Talking about it great because it just keeps cyclists in people's minds and, hopefully, raises awareness of them on the roads. Thanks KMKat!


My husband commutes in town and was nearly killed on Portland Ave in the same situation. I hate biking on Park/Portland for that exact reason. Thanks for the tips.

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