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29 May 2009


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I always pick up both. My friend suggested that when you're picking up the wraps from the purl side, to pick up the back leg of the wrap (more or less creating a twisted stitch out of it) and that seems to work great for me.
As for the hummers, they're getting a free meal, you'd think they wouldn't be so picky.


I hope they like the blue. I think it's lovely and I love how green your world is.

You need to pick up both wraps, sweetie. You also need to keep your wraps tight. It might be easier to pick them up if you work on the purl side to pick them up. I transfer my stitch to my right needle and pick up with my left. Then most the stitch back and knit.

On the right side of the heel, where you're knitting, I also knit into the back of the last stitch and the two wraps. That and keeping everything tight really works for me.

I love a short row toe-up sock. I hope you can get into the groove with that heel.

Oh, and does that yarn squeak? I've heard it does. That and the fact that all Crystal Palace yarn seems to be splitty has kept me from trying it. Life's too short, ya know?


I want to get a hummingbird feeder. David says he's never seen a hummingbird in the wild, so that must be rectified.

You should try the Sherman short row method. I've got that tutorial on my blog and I've been very pleased with the method. No holes! No ridge!


My question to you about the wraps is which way are you doing them? One way gave me big weird holes. The way less so.

Okay, now I got nothing.


I've never knit a SR heel. :)


As others have said, I believe you do have to pick up both wraps (and I think Wendy's short-row heel instructions say so). To make it a little easier, I use a spare needle. Pick up the wraps and the live stitch on the spare, then knit directly from that spare. Repeat to the end of the row.

I don't know why this works, but I'm sticking with it. :) YMMV.


I dislike short row heels because I can never make the wrap-picking-up neat enough for my tastes. If you come up with something that works, let me know. That being said, I hate knitting flap heels toe up, so I just don't knit toe up socks, period. Of course, it's been nearly a year since I knit socks, can you believe it?


I took down my hummingbird feeder about a week ago. I was standing on my deck, minding my own business. A hummingbird made a banking turn at high speed near my head and CRAPPED ON MY FACE. That was the moment when I decided they would have to find their nectar elsewhere.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Yep, gotta get both wraps, or as Wendy does, leave them and knit very firmly.

I am not overly fond of wrapped short-rows in socks. I like the encroachment method (used in the Sherman version, both heel and toe, and similarly described in Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes & Heels book). Also, if interested, a garter-stitch SR heel (e.g. in Neatby's sock book) uses wraps that are left unworked since they blend in well with the garter sts.


I too have the big hole problem, and I keep my shit tight like Cookie recommends. I just go back later and fix it. But now I'll try Carrie's way.


You have inspired me to wash and refill my hummingbird feeder, which is red but so faded it looks pink. Beggars can't be choosers.


It's late and I'm tired and all I can think is yes, I got some holes on my short row heels, but figuring out why? Nope, bedtime! There's a toe up sock on my ravelry page... blogged about it, maybe may/june 07. Mostly the portion of the heel nearest the top of the foot...


Sorry. I am no help at all as I am useless at short rows. I do really like the colours of the yarn though. Pretty, pretty!


And THAT'S why I don't knit short row heels!

Sheepish Annie

I never knit short rows either. I always thought I was in the minority on that one, but I guess not. Here's hoping that you find the perfect solution!

I love the hummingbird feeder and, were I a hummingbird, would go right there. I wouldn't look twice at the red ones. I prefer blue. But I'm not your average hummingbird. I'd probably be a rebel kind of hummingbird...


Love the way the yarn is patterning - I'm wondering how you like the elastic? I used some of the SoxAppeal with elastic and found it challenging at times (especially fixing mistakes - not that I make any either, but I was testing dontcha know).

I've never done a short row heel, but next time you're in town let me show you a Turkish cast on for toe-ups - works really, really well imho.

Oh, and regarding hummingbirds, I have impatiens on the rail of my deck and get hummers quite often. If the blue doesn't work, that's what I would recommend.

Miss T

I'll be interested to see if that feeder works.

Carrie K

I love the toe part of toe up but I never get to the heel because it's not the magical turning heel! and it bugs me.

I think your choice of a blue hummingbird feeder goes much better with the decor. The hummingbirds should just suck it up. ;)


As far as your choice of colors: TJ MAXX right now has a shirt that looks exactly like that sock.

(yes, I, too, am always surprised what I, the non-knitter, can come up with in a comment)


Totally what Cookie says.

And I used to get big holes like that on one side and not the other, because I was doing my wraps the same way on both the purl and the knit side. Upon re-reading the directions, this is not correct: you form the wraps differently.

The way I now conceptualize wraps, to remember them in my head, is that you bring the yarn to the opposite position from how you're working (to front if you're on the knit side, to back if you're on the purl side) then slip the stitch to be wrapped. Then return the yarn to its original position and slip the stitch back to the first needle.
Then turn the work.

What I was doing for quite a while is wrapping the same way on both sides (because it flowed better, I guess), leaving the yarn in the front when I was on the purl side to begin. It DOES make a difference, I found out. Since correcting that, both sides look the same for me, and no big holes.

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