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26 May 2009



Silk can be very warm, though so light.

I can't believe you had that much left. I would have been a nervous wreck.


Should be washable, too - too bad they don't make hot pink Cotton Ease anymore, because that's a wonderfully soft yarn. Um, Berrocco Comfort is very soft, too.

http://www.berroco.com/shade_cards/comfort_sh.html (MANY vivid colors)
http://www.berroco.com/shade_cards/comfort_dk_sh.html (not as many colors)

Big Alice

I see you like to cut things close.

I like & have used Debbie Bliss Cathay, which is a silk/cotton/rayon blend that I really like the feel of. It is a bit splitty, though, and maybe heavier than you want (it's listed as a Sport-weight on Rav, but it's closer to a DK. Someone's even got some hot pink on sale there; also you might need 2 balls for an adult hat).

Silk can be warm if there is no wind/air flow - I've got some insulating silk long underwear for cold days. But I think knitting allows it enough holes and it is so soft. There's also some fantastic bamboo blends, but be sure to try first. Some bamboo yarns I've tried feel like knitting plastic (and some not at all).


Rowen Calmer is a wonderfully soft yarn, worsted weight, good yardage. I have a single skein leftover from a project that I am saving to knit a chemo cap, which, hopefully, I will never have cause to do.


How about a skein of sea silk? If you do the cap loosely it shouldn't be too warm, and it's SOOOO nice to the touch. I made a Swallowtail out of some for a friend having chemo.


I wouldn't worry terribly much about warmth - chemo treatments can leave a person chronically chilly, even when the temperature is warm.

A store near me gives a 20% discount on Touch Me if you knit it for chemo caps. I have touched it, and it is very soft! (And a little pricey, but hey if it's just one skein!) I found some at Jimmy Beans:



I just returned some yarn to the LYS that I was going to use for a summertime chemo cap for my sister... Maybe she's a bit particular, but she said that she can't imagine a summertime cap knit in any fiber or pattern that would a) give a nice shape and b) not cook her noggin'. She doesn't really like them, but she's more comfortable in the lighter weight scarves. That reminds me, I was going to try to find a pattern for those... and see if I still remember how my sewing machine operates.
; )

Mary T.

Knit Picks Comfy is nice and soft.


Well, I was going to say some sort of cashmere. But it isn't the easiest to wash. Sea silk is LOVELY. Also not machine wash. Oh well. I have a cotton acrylic sweater that I like a lot, but it's a discontinued yarn... there must be some good ones like it out there.

Sheepish Annie

This may sound crazy and I have to admit that I've never tried it, but what about something with a linen content? It is painful to knit, but softens up so beautifully with washing. I've spun a little bit of it. It doesn't have much "give," though, It might be a tricky knit. But it could also be cool for summer...

Carrie K

Linen does sound like it might be nice. A linen wool mix? You can tell, I have no idea. Sweet though.

That's all you had left? Yowza.

Nice recognition on your library!


Take a look at Plymouth Royal Bamboo (Webs link). Royal Bamboo

I have some in my stash that I keep playing with because it wants to be a sweater but it hasn't decided what kind of sweater. It feels heavenly. Webs has a bright multi-colored one too.

Clara Parke's book on yarn says bamboo contains an antibacterial bioagent that stays in the fiber even after the garment has been washed, absorbs moisture rapidly, evaporates well and has an excellent ability to breathe. Good for a summer chemo cap? Or will she need something warmer?


Rowan Calmer is a lovely cotton.

That photo is quite stealthy - and quite hair raising, given the tiny amount of yarn left!!

Suzanne (Yarnhog)

Rowan All Seasons Cotton is lovely and soft, but a bit chunky. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is wonderful, but not very fancy. I second the Sea Silk suggestion--held double it would make a wonderful hat.

(Oh, and yes, a granny square afghan would be a perfect way to use up Wool of the Andes. I'm holding the worsted weight yarns double and using a size J hook, which works fine for me. Those crocheted afghans really do eat up yarn!)


Gracious, but that's an impressively small amount of yarn left over. I bow to your skill.

I know nothing of knitting, but I feel like jewel tones (greens and blues, esp) would be empowering yet warm for a chemo cap.


Calmer by Rowan, without a doubt. I knit one for a girlfriend and she raved about it - liked it so much, in fact, she requested another for a friend of hers.

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