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31 May 2009



If it was left out in the open, I'm pretty sure he can't be held responsible for his actions. What kitteh could?


HAHAHAHHA! *ahem* I used to have a cat that would jump the counter and open the cabinet doors. So I moved it to above the fridge. Same thing. Eventually, it ended up above the stove with no hope of getting to it... although he tried.

Sheepish Annie

The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has reviewed the evidence and is calling this entrapment. Case closed. You don't argue with an Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty...


Justifiable take down. He's a kitteh, that's kitteh mint, seems fair.




Really, he waited all weekend. Obviously you were taunting him. He was provoked.


I would say that is the unrepentant look of guilt.


I have to keep mine in the freezer. And by the way, when guests unexpectedly encounter a ziplock baggie of catnip in the freezer, there's no point trying to convince them it's something other than what they think it is.


And if there was a 3-lb brick of dark chocolate left on the counter all weekend, wouldn't you have grabbed it?
Justifiable, I'm thinking...


My roommate had a cat that only went for the fresh stuff, but was so terribly aggressive with it that said roommate had to clear out a space and put something down to save the floor from the dirt in the pot. Nothing got between Jezebel (natch) and her fresh catnip.


In our house, that would have been a 2 pound package of chicken.


And this is why the microwave was invented - not to quickly heat food stuffs for humans, but to prevent kitteh's from gettin into the good stuff.

Carrie K

Clearly entrapment. Poor set up kitteh.


Questionable parenting in action. The kitteh was just doing what kittehs do. They cannot not refuse the nip. I vote microwave for the next bag. Kittehs lack thumbs.


You can't blame the kitty, the temptation was too strong!


Really now... you don't leave liquor around for alcoholics! Poor Hannibal, catching blame. He didn't bother the tea now did he?


Dignified guilt.

Who can blame kitteh?


It's sort of like leaving an open bottle of wine on my kitchen table.

Unfair to blame us.


That is hilarious. I love those glowing eyes!

dale-harriet in WI

Oh, come ON! You name a cat "HANNIBAL" and expect less? However - my guess is that after he eats four or five bags of chips, some cheese doodles and a couple sandwiches he'll sleep for three days solid. OOOPS! Flashback.....nevermind.

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