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28 July 2009



Hmm. Isn't there a conflict between liking Mexican food and not liking beans?


Holy Kow Kat! (Glad you like the bag, you're welcome!). You must be due for some good times, eh?

I just got back from a weekend of tai chi, recertification for teaching the arthritis form. Check them out at taichiforhealth dot com. The site is awkward, but there's a find a class link, and several instructors in Wisconsin. Once you're out of crisis mode with your knee, it might be a good thing for you.


Hmmm, I like my steak rare, but not quite that rare....


Would you PA-LEASE stop with the Taco Johns references. You're killin' me!




Oh, I'm just hungry.

/wanders off in search of tacos

Carrie K

Momentarily diverted by that glorious view - how'd the MRI come out? That is one nasty looking knee! Yikes.


I do appreciate the tag...we'll see if I take you up on it (the meme winds have to be blowing just right to hit me). I very much enjoyed your answers, that's for sure. My biggest thoughts, at the end of it all, are:

1) I wonder if you'd knitted an Ipod holder (with shoulder strap), would you know where the thing is now?

2) Does Arby's rank lower than Hardee's in your world?

3) Apparently a cat bathing itself is not one of your auditory peeves?

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