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27 July 2009



Oooh, lucky you! Good luck with the MRI. That was one (okay, several layered) ugly-looking bruise, for sure.

Sheepish Annie

Oh, dear...knee floaties? Yikes! I will think good thoughts for you and your MRI. Hopefully, all wil be well.

Congrats on your big win! That is a pretty cool prize package. Pockets are the best thing ever, especially when they come with an awesome bag!

limedragon :-: Harriet

Great prize! Good luck with the MRI, though I guess I'm confused--the hardware you mention isn't actually metal, yes?


First, congrats on your win!! You know I love the color. ;)

And good news about your ankle, but what is this about mysterious aliens in your knee?!


Wow, that is one cool bag! And the yarn ain't half bad, either. Floating around in your knee? What kinds of things float around in your knee? How potentially worrisome is this? Sending good thoughts your way.


Could you zip your knee into that Nantucket bag and use it as some sort of compression wrap?

Gorgeous yarn!


Something floating around in your KNEE?! Let's hope it's a piece of gold bullion or something. Best of luck with it.

That bag is da bomb!!!!


Cool bag! I'm hoping the floating thing turns out to be nada. Good luck!

Jeff Peterson

That bag is pretty cool but does it fit inside a five gallon pail?


The ankle hardware has to come *out*? Oy. Will that keep you off your feet?

So someday, show us your bag fully loaded so we can see just what you can fit in there. I bet it's tons.

Thinking good thoughts about your MRI. Maybe the floatie will be nothing. :D


Oh what fun!! Good luck with the MRI and your knee!


Glad you ankle is OK. Bummer about the knee. If it's not one thing...

That bag is seriously cool. I was looking the last time I was at Stitches, but couldn't talk myself into it.


Congrats - what an awsome bag! And that Mountain Colors sock yarn knits up real nice (not to say that the others aren't nice too, I just happen to be partial, as you know, to socks).

Glad too, that I can crawl out of my Danielle Steele novel to read your blog again. Good luck with the knee. Please warn in the future if there are to be photos so I can hide behind chic lit again.

Big Alice

Best of luck with the MRI.


I hope the MRI was definitive. That is an Excellent bag and very fine yarnz you have there. They may come in handy in the near future. /ahem.

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