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25 July 2009



Oh my!! Hahaha. I've never wondered... but I've got a pretty good picture in my head. Glad you didn't lose much!! ; )


oh dear. /makes note to always close knitting bag tightly
I do know what happens when your excited little dog steps in the loop of your magic loop sock and runs around the house with it...


I have feared that this will happen to me! I hope if it does, that I only have five yards to lose too!


That would have been my answer!


Ohs noes! Another reason to only travel with small projects you can keep your eyes on at all times.


This was definitely an "it could have been worse" moment. The horrors going through my mind....


Ahh. That pattern is in my queue. I've got just the yarn (I think) lurking in the stash. Here's hoping it works out properly in the end (even without those few yards).
I admire your luck. With my luck it would have been a new ball that fell out the window!


Oh no. A horrific mind-picture you've painted - I'm glad there was just a small amount of yarn left on that ball. Then again, I'm warped enough to think that could be a funny scene in a movie. /ducks

Best wishes with the mods/fit!

Sheepish Annie

Hand to God, you are the second person in less than a week to tell me that they had yarn trailing after them from the car!!! How weird is that? Sadly, the person who shared the story first had more of a yarn loss and now needs to order more lest her sweater never see the finish line.

I shall think good thoughs for the Chevron. I believe the bamboo wants to work with you!




Oh no!

Fingers crossed it works out okay.



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