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06 August 2009



No Mah Jonng?! I am suddenly rethinking my Mac WANT. /sigh


So... the coffee thingy worked okay? ;^)


OK, now, y'all can make fun of me for being a Sylvia Plath dork, but your account about your son reminds me of her wonderful radio play Three Women, and here are some lines from a mother reflecting on her newborn son:

How long can I be a wall around my green property?
How long can my hands
Be a bandage to his hurt, and my words
Bright birds in the sky, consoling, consoling?
It is a terrible thing
To be so open: it is as if my heart
Put on a face and walked into the world.


Guard dog in progress.


If the dog could type there would surely be identifiers saying "Empty Food Bowl" and "Lame Water Bowl Disguised as Food Bowl".


Looks like your Squirrel Patrol is on high alert!

Yay, Bialetti! My espresso machine has entirely supplanted Mr. Coffee, who is going to a new home on Friday.

I wrecked my car three cars ago in the same type of accident. No passengers, thank goodness.

Carrie K

I've never tried Boggle. Uh oh. I fear I'm lost now.

Coffee!! Yes!!!

T-Boned sons - not so much! Yikes.


Glad Elder Son was ok!! Ah, sweet caffeine...

Hey, Ubuntu came with Mahjohngg. ;)


Lots of free games with Ubuntu.


Wow, I bet Elder Son's news made your heart pound for a bit. That was a lucky escape. So, did the coffee thingy work? Is it really strong?

And I think I may have to hate you for the link to online boggle. It's so not good for my competitive nature. What do you mean I only got 37 points!!?!

Suzanne (Yarnhog)

WHERE did you get that Emergency Knitting bag?! I must have one!


First, I "need" an "Emergency Knitting Kit" like that one! Where did you get it!
Second, on line boggle? I'm doomed! I'd thank you, but it may mean that we lose our house because I couldn't be bothered paying bills since it will interrupt playing boggle.
Third, where does one find that Cleaner thing you mentioned?? I'm stuck in Windoze for the foreseeable future; there may as well be some good out of it :-)


Have you checked out the downloads at the Apple site? Some are shareware, etc., and may yield some free games. I tried a fairy matching game...can't remember the name but lovely graphics and fun to play.

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