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16 August 2009



I have all sorts of knitting plans... and a couple of projects on the needles, always something else to interrupt. How do people manage to finish so many projects???


I'm always amazed seeing other knitters getting sweaters knit for themselves. snag here, snag there, sigh. I'm lovin' your little stealth project, I enjoy playing with the slip stitch patterns.


The stealth project looks pretty. I love the colors.


I'm just glad that you caught the size issue before you got more knitting done. A little ease is nice, but that's a bit much.


Ooh I love that check pattern!

Sheepish Annie

If you have to go off the rails, knitting chemo caps is the right thing to do. They will be a comfort for the wearers, I'm certain.

You camp, right? I'm seeing a good use for that sweater. All you need are a couple of tent poles...


I love the check pattern...
but mostly I want to hear all about any changes you might have made to Summer Chevron so I can learn from you before I start my own....
I have yarn that really wants to be that sweater.

Carrie K

I love the stealth pattern.

Ach, plans.


Yowza, you've been a busy woman. I say, enjoy the small projects and let the Summer Chevron stay in time out for a good long while. Maybe it'll learn its' lesson.

Miss T

Hmm. Looks like the Summer Chevron had a few ideas of its own. Not good ideas, but ideas.


Hmmm... Summer Chevron threw off some decreases, maybe? I've had projects like that. Good thing you caught the naughty thing when you did!

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