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29 August 2009



Lovely joint mouse!

You can tell Andrew that I failed my very first test in vet school, spectacularly. In fact, it was my first F grade ever. I managed to pull out a B in the class in the end, but a bite in the ass like that can actually be a useful learning experience. And it seems like maybe he's figured that out.

It will likely come as no surprise that I don't eat Kraft dinner, as a general rule. Given a choice, I'd take it over boiled okra, but it stil doesn't rank as real food, in my book.


Congrats Andrew!

And *shudder* about both things they removed from you. Vicodin is a wonder, isn't it?


Congrats, Andrew!

Hmm. Maybe it really is a toddler tooth. ;)


Hurray for you, for Smokey, for Andrew, and Matthew!


That's a lot of family news. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, I hope you heal up fast and can enjoy an autumn free of falls!


It's curious what you have in the US, and we have in the UK (I can't vouch for the whole of Europe). You have Yellow 5, Tyvek envelopes and ice bags. We have arnica (in corner pharmacies, not just available in huge boxes by post), laws against using mobile phones while driving, and deep-fried Mars bars.

Are you sure that isn't your twin they fished out of your knee?


Your Smokey may be doing good for the bank acct, but he must need some rest. That's a crazy lot of work.


I'm glad you have all that foreign material out of your body! I wonder what kind of profit margin Kraft mac and cheese has in the US?

Heal well and quickly!


Do you have one of those lovely cryo-cuffs?? I LOVED those things!


Holy crap, I hope Smokey gets a break soon, he's gotta be tired.
Good on Andrew! and wow. the hardware. and the 'toddler tooth' object. An object quite like that was removed from #2 son's knee this past summer.
I understand that other countries also get 'foods', and sodas sans high fructose corn syrup. I don't indulge in much processed type foods anyway but those additives are helping make this country full of unhealthy folks. don't get me started.


Well, others beat me to it, but holy crap indeed. I'm astonished by what came out of your body. And so proud of your son! What a life lesson.

Annie's organic mac and cheese is a good alternative to the nasty yellow crap Kraft puts out. Also, I like to make a very delicious and quick mac and cheese out of actual food - I cook some pasta, drain it, and while it's hot, throw in a little milk, butter, and grated cheddar/parmesan.

Mary Lou

Although i don't make Kraft mac and cheese, I'll be glad to help those who have to eat it. And eeeuuuwww. I bet that thing in your knee hurt like a beeatch. Happy healing.

Miss T

Glad your surgery went well!

You know, I just can't get worked up about whether or not Kraft puts junk in their packaged boxes of crap. Of course they do, it's crap nobody should be eating anyway! Making mac & cheese from scratch with real ingredients just isn't that hard.


Lots of good news!! M has worked a lot of OT this summer - for about the same reasons as Smokey... good for bank balance (especially if I resist fleeces). Yea for Andrew (so like my own son's experiences - whose middle name is, yes, Andrew). And finally - yea for your autumn resolution - good luck with that. I barely could look at the stuff removed.


All the news that's fit to blog!! Thanks fo r the updates! Enjoyed them all - except the "these things have been removed from my body" part!


To Andrew-> I am in total awe. Too cool. Great job. And WOW!
To you -> been visited by aliens lately? I mean that foreign body is Alien like and that hardware? Oh my! Glad you're so much better.


And I still don't touch Kraft cheese macaroni :-) I tried it once and it was *bweurk!* Well done to Andrew, O.o @ the foreign body, and Smokey: Don't forget to take some time off! No use having all the money in the world if you don't have the time to enjoy it!

Big Alice

Glad that your surgery went well. I hope you heal quickly!
Congratulations to Andrew!

Sheepish Annie

I hate that something so good and happiness producing as boxed mac 'n cheese is bad for me. That makes me sad. But I will perk up for the good Anatomy news! Those types of classes can be a bear. Lots of stuff and none of it in any real context...not the best way to assess learning. I want a doc who knows more than where my spleen is. I need someone who can tell me why it's doing whatever it is that it is doing that is so unspleen-like!

Or be able to count screws...

Carrie K

Yikes. Those screws are SCARY!! Cute bone tooth.

Yay for Andrew passing Anatomy at last! I took it w/Physio and we had a cadaver to dissect so it was all pretty memorable at the time.

Those poor Europeans. Eating naturally colored/flavored mac & cheese. My heart goes out to their chemically deprived children.


Even better if Kraft stopped putting that stuff in ALL their products...
Pats on the back for all of you! Sounds like everyone is entitled to a little rest.


Glad your surgery went well and your son passed his exam!

In answer to someone else's comment, foods in Australia (can't vouch for other countries but suspect similar) don't have corn syrup in them, because corn isn't a huge crop here so the govt doesn't have to find ways to ensure people use it, in order to support the farmers, in order to get the agri-business votes and money. (ahem). I'm sure we have other crap in our foods, but it's not corn syrup. That's an American thing.

ps. I've seen macaroni cheese in boxes in the supermarket and it looks disgusting. It's not even refrigerated, and surely the word cheese implies dairy, which means it should be kept in the fridge and used within 7 days, rather than in on a shelf and used within the next 9 months. Modern food is so bizarre. I read something recently about not eating something your grandmother wouldn't recognise, and thought that sounded smart :)

Well that was a long comment, wasn't it?

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