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17 October 2009



Awesome video! I really thought we were going to an Ikea ad at the end there. LOL.


Next time, please get pics of the dude in the kilt!


Was the guy in the kilt cute?


My sound is on the fritz so I don't know if there was any audio to go with that video but it was great. I've been laughing for 5 minutes.


OK, so over the summer my DH and I are out for a walk, and I see a guy across the street out walking with a toddler, and the guy is wearing a skirt (which I later determined was, in fact, a utilikilt, thankyougoogle). And I looked at the guy. And looked again. And told my husband to look. And said WTF?????

Women fought hard to be freed of the skirt - why would a guy choose to wear one??

/still scratching head


Nora, the guys who wear them swear by them. There were loads of them (relatively speaking) in Taos. One guy was wearing one paired with THE most incredible Aran sweater ever. And women fought to be free to choose - why not men?
That commercial is THE BEST EVER.

Sheepish Annie

I tried making pet food. The BFK laughed at me. Laughed!!!! There was no AGK at that point, but I suspect he would have chuckled as well. Then they would have staged a revolt until I brought back the Iams and the whole house probably would have been destroyed in the process...


My son has worn Utilikilts for 6 years, his best friend for 4 years and Knitting Hubby has worn his for 2.5 year. So I have pictures if anyone needs em!


Oh, the video is fantastic! Thank you.

Going to find out what a Utilikilt is now...


Oh, another great video! :-) I saw my first Utilikilt in the wild this summer! I have a photo on my blog --- if you want to see one! You can find it at http://steppingawayfromtheedge.typepad.com/weblog/2009/07/culinary-delight.html -- about mid-way down. Looks like a totally practical way to go. . .

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