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29 November 2009



No surprise that when I saw this at ikeahacker, I marked it for a future post, too!


I'm not sure I don't like that better than my standard issue swift.


Nice. Looks much more solid than my model from 1968.


Am I being dim or is this not adjustable? What if one's skein is a different size? Or is the answer so obvious that I'm going to regret posting this?


Sometimes it's better to rewind the Kauni to make sure the color runs are as expected. It's sort of a pain if you're doing one of the sweaters to find a knot and a big old jog in the color progression. At least, that's what I hear. It doesn't happen as often as, say, Noro but it happens now and again.


I'm with Helen and the seeming lack of adjustablity.

I do re-hank when a project doesn't work out, btw. I don't like to store yarn in cake form.


I think if you wanted you could drill extra holes towards the middle so you could adjust your pegs.

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