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30 November 2009



Appearance isn't everything when it comes to food.


It's a bit scary looking...


Do you ever use whole wheat flour for bread in your bread machine? My sister is considering getting one to make whole wheat/whole grain breads for her husband. She's looking for info on how well the bread turns out since it's a heavier dough. (I'm machineless and can't offer any advice.)


Fresh bread would have to be pretty nasty tasting to not be welcome around here

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

I think you may be onto something. I'm sure the unique character of that dough would make for some interesting design possibilities: bread trees, anyone?


Very scary, but as long as it tastes good who cares.


It's hard to beat fresh baked bread . . . even when the ingredients are less than fresh! I'd just stick the slices in the toaster. . . then, who cares if isn't light and airy!


In 40 years of breadmaking, I've only had one loaf that was inedible. (If it hadn't been in the early 70's, I'd suspect that the person who wrote the recipe was on crack...)

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