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23 November 2009





You are a hat machine!


Now THAT will be a cool design! Too much thinkin' for me, though. . . to figure out how the slants would need to work. (Monique and I still think your Totally Cool Clear Head needs a name!)

Berta in Texas

Could you find an eagle design to use for the wings? I think there are a couple on Knitting Pattern central in the dishcloth section.


Woo Hoo!

You've been busy!


I shared this post w/ my Canadian knitting pal... who loves cables and making things up with new ones. Maybe....

Carrie K

It looks like it'd be a great pattern! Can't wait to see what someone else works up for it!! ('cause it ain't gonna be me, that's so not my area of competence.)


No thoughts on the caduceus, but I do have a pattern for a DNA helix scarf. Got me lots of props in medical school!

Sheepish Annie

Wasn't it EZ who said that knitting caps made sense because someone can always use a hat? I'm on board with that! Nice headgear, there!

I can't help with the mitten pattern, though. My skills were tapped out when I did the hot water bottle cozy and haven't recovered yet...


I mena, hats are one thing. But KILLER hats with style? Your forte, honey.

My Paco recently tried on a knitted hat with devil horns; it suited him perfectly. Maybe consider that design for all the li'l devils in your life, eh?


Interesting technical problem. Maybe after I've had more coffee...
Love the hats. The best part about hats is they don't come in pairs. One and you're done!


Lisa's Canadian friend here. I've done cable dragons and trees and the horse-head-topped pillars of the Golden Hall from Lord of the Rings. I'm pretty sure I could chart that out for you. It could be an interesting challenge. I think I would use cables for the snakes and twisted stitches for the wings. Let me know the approximate number of stitches and rows so I know how big to make it.

If you want 'references', you could take a look at my Ravelry page. My user name is teerling.


KM, I emailed you but in case others want some too...

This woman does amazing things with knits and purls on dishcloths. She has a whole medical category and there's a caduceus one at the top and another when you scroll down a bit. She also does custom stuff if you pm her.

I bought one of her patterns and there's no charts, just row by row instructions. It's here...


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