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18 November 2009


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Ah, back to the daily grind, eh? ;)


Should I know the guy in the photo? And, um, Ross? He needs a new 'do. Or a new photographer.



Thank goodness you had your knitting.


I was kind of relieved to see they didn't offer programs for knitting addicts. Phhhhhew!


Wow. So as a CPA, you have to spend 40 hours annually in continuing ed. And as a teacher, I only need about 3/4 of that time. Something is wrong with this picture (though it's easy for me to say that - I *like* continuing ed).


I hate attending ethics classes, sessions, or trainings. I am an honest person and feel that they are demeaning as they assume I am doing something wrong. I have to attend them annually for my job, and it really ticks me off.

Sheepish Annie

I can't help it. I'm picturing my accountant and so very glad to know that there is someone out there to help him should he suffer from sexual compulsive disorder. This comforts me...

It also comforts me to know that you had your knitting with you during all this. I tend to get antsy during conferences and can't imagine not having something to do!


Huh, those accountants must be a tawdry bunch!

I just did my 3 required ethics credits (lawyers have to do 30 hours every two years, with 3 specifically approved ethics credits). It was The Dumbest presentation I have ever sat through. Too bad I couldn't knit.

Carrie K

I managed to get two fronts done during my KRw/CPE credit. The speakers were interesting but it was all tax, all the time!

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