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04 December 2009



Of course. Deciding a yarn is perfect for something is its kiss of death.


I did knit a February Lady Sweater with Main Line last year and yes, it was the perfect yarn for that project. However, my sweater was not perfect as it was at least 2 sizes too big for me (what was I thinking??). I threw caution (and common sense) to the wind and tossed it in the wash thinking that the 75 cotton content would "save" it but let it shrink a bit. It came out as a nasty, lacey felted thing that was promptly given to the secondhand store. Someone else's treasure??? Don't feel bad about not getting to do a Main Line FLS. I screwed up the karma for that yarn/project union enough for everyone.

On a happier note: The hats you sent for our Hats for the Homeless project arrived and they're BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


I'll bet you do the caduceus first... 8)


Do you want me to mail you some conductive thread for the thumbs? You stitch just a tiny little bit of it into the thumb so that there's a little x on the outside and a tail on the inside, and then he can use his iPod without having to take the mitts off.

Send me your address and I'll send you some!


Wonderful cap - I love the picot hem!


Great projects all! Chemo hats out of calmer are The Best. And I can't wait to see the mitts. They are going to be Perfectly Nerd-Cool!

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