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29 December 2009


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Yum, lobster. It's the best delivery device for melted butter I can think of.

As far as cats are concerned, it's all a plot to kill them. Unless it's on the other side of the closed door and then it's the one thing they HAVE TO HAVE.


I'm hungry now.


Speaking of knitting, here's a clue from this morning's Washington Post crossword: "Little sweater" (four letters)

The answer is not vest.

Cindy G

Ok, now Jeff has distracted me, and I'm going crazy because I can't think of the answer.

But I was going to say that I'm surprised that the cats were suspicious of the lobster, would have expected them to be all over it.


Oh, lobster! Yum! We're still eating turkey leftovers here.


This is probably wrong of me, but after all that food, all I can think of is pie. Blueberry pie. Maybe followed with Cherry pie. Was there Pumpkin? Banana Cream? Custard? Ooooh, Custard. With cherries.

Diets don't start till the first, right?


Who cares about knitting?! I'm hungry!


Plethora is one of my favorite words. Especially when connected to food. Of any kind, actually, but especially desserts. Yum -- is all I have to say.


OY! Yum!

There is now a plethora of drool on my shirt.


Your table looks just like mine... not the lobster, but the stack of books and mail at the end that we don't eat on. DH is asking me where this post is from, and he's telling me I should tell you that around here lobsters round around the street like cockroaches and we have to crush them so we can drive. Not really...

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